What precautions are being taken by Pink House Videography in regards to COVID-19?

You can view our complete COVID-19 Response by clicking here.

How many hours will you film my wedding?

Depending on the package chosen, I film for 8 hours, 10 hours, or for the entire day (no set time limit).

What is the additional charge for overtime?

If you go over the amount of time outlined in your chosen package, the price is $150 per additional hour.

What audio do you record?

We provide high quality audio for the ceremony and toasts/speeches. If you know that you are doing something like a letter reading or other event that requires audio, please make sure to discuss it with us in advance so we are fully prepared to capture it.

Do you accept credit cards?

At this time we only accept checks or mobile pay, using Venmo. 

How many cameras do you use?

On any given shoot, I have (at least) 3 cameras. Generally only two are used throughout the entire day, but I always like to have multiple backup cameras just in case. If your chosen package comes with two videographers, you will have double the cameras! This will ensure that your day is captured from every angle!

How long have you been a wedding videographer?

I filmed my first wedding in the summer of 2016 for my hairdresser! After that, I was hooked. I began working for a company based out of St. Louis doing freelance wedding videography and in two years I filmed about 100 weddings for them! I started my own business in 2018 and although I love doing any kind of work with cameras, wedding videography is definitely my favorite.

How will I get the final product?

The highlight reel will be sent to you via social media as soon as it is ready! You will then receive a USB flash drive with the finished product on it. This will include the full ceremony, depending on the package chosen.

Can I get it on a DVD?

I find that most people like getting the final product on a USB flash drive, but if you would prefer to get a DVD copy let me know and I can do that for you!

Can I share the wedding video?

Absolutely! The video is yours! Feel free to post on social media, make copies for friends and family, and so on. I ask that if you are posting it somewhere you attribute the post to me (or even better, tag me!). But you are free to share and distribute your wedding video freely.

How long will it take to get the final product back?

You will receive your finished wedding video within 2-4 months, depending on the package chosen. In your contract I will write the exact date that you can expect to have the finished product by, based on the date of your wedding. I try to get the videos done as soon as possible, so you could end up receiving it before this date. If I finish your video early, I will send it to you as soon as it is done. If it is during peak wedding season however, it is less likely to get done early because of the quantity of videos I have to edit!

Can I pick the song for my wedding video?

Unfortunately, no. Each song that is used in one of my wedding videos needs to be licensed so that it can legally be used and shared. Every time a song is licensed it costs money. The fee to license a song varies greatly, but generally the use of a popular song (ex. An Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift song) are nearly impossible to get a license for.

Can I make revisions to my wedding video?

So far, I have never had a bride ask me to make revisions to a video. I would say that any request for revisions would be on a case by case basis. I strive to create the best wedding film for my clients and I like to have the creative freedom to make the decisions on my work. However, if there is some kind of a mistake in the video, I will absolutely correct it.

What is a “social media sneak peek”?

You may have noticed that some of the packages include social media sneak peeks! These will be short snippets of your wedding video that I will share on my social media platforms and tag you/send to you so that you can see pieces of your day before the final product is finished! I know how hard it can be to wait to see your video and most brides love being able to see some of their day a little early!

Can I get the raw footage?

I do my best to use all of the footage that I capture of your day! I generally do not do packages with the raw footage, but if you are interested in it let me know! There will be an additional fee, but I would be happy to work something out.