My Top 5 Favorite Things to Film at a Wedding

Does it count if I say my favorite part of a wedding day is the whole day? Because it really is. I get SO giddy on wedding days and every part of the day is an adventure…but if I had to pick my favorites…


The Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Ready

I love the shots where the girls are getting hair and makeup done and chatting with each other. It’s low stress but high excitement and there are usually smiles everywhere. The bride is also generally in great lighting to get her hair/makeup done so I can just jump in and get beautiful shots.

First Look


Not everyone is into the whole “first look” before the wedding and that is absolutely fine! I love the first time that the groom sees his bride (or bride sees her bride/groom sees his groom), whether it’s in a planned out first look before the wedding or if it’s as soon as she starts walking down the aisle. It’s my absolute favorite when the groom cries.

Cake and Cake Cutting

I always take my time shooting the details on the cake because they’re always SO COOL. I’ve seen couples cut 8 tier elegant cakes with flowers and fondant and more, and I’ve had couples that cut a pie or a cupcake instead. It’s always fun to see what the couple’s cake (or cake alternative!) is and then to film them interacting together. This is a low stress time in the couple’s day and I always feel like I’m able to get great shots of this. It’s fun, simple, and they get to smoosh cake into each other’s faces so it’s really a win all around.

Reception Decorations

I always make sure to get shots of any centerpieces, little signs, place cards, or other decor items at the reception. A lot of planning goes into reception decorations, I figure that I should help them capture all the work that was put in!

First Dance

I love the first dance. It’s so special and cute and wonderful. I have a set of wheels that I put on my tripod and one of my favorite parts of the night is using them to get a shot twirling around the bride and groom as they dance. It’s usually a little difficult to orchestrate, but as long as the photographer and I are on the same page, it goes off without a hitch.


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