Why You Should Consider an “Unplugged” Wedding

In this day in age, nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket at all times. This is often a great thing, but when it comes to weddings sometimes peoples phones and cameras just get in the way. Here the reasons you should consider having an unplugged ceremony.

What is an “unplugged ceremony”?

An unplugged wedding essentially means that your guests will put away their cell phones, iPads, cameras, and so on to relax and enjoy your day and let the professional photographer and videographer do the work they were paid to do. Some people choose to have just an unplugged ceremony, while others decide that they want their entire day to be unplugged.

Why should I consider an unplugged wedding?

You’ll Get Better Photos and Video

This is the most obvious reason, especially for me, as a videographer. I COMPLETELY understand that everyone wants to get a shot of the beautiful bride as she comes down the aisle, or to snag a shot of the couple as they have their first kiss. With apps like Snapchat and Instagram it makes getting that picture all the more important. But as the couple getting married, you are paying top dollar for your photographer and videographer to capture your day, and sometimes having people leaning into the aisle with their iPhone snapping away ends up making their job a lot harder.

I recently came across THIS Facebook post that drove the point home in farther for me. While I have never had anything this disruptive happen to me, I have been to plenty of weddings where phones and cameras distract from the ceremony.

Your Guests Can Be in the Moment with You

Instead of focusing on their cameras or phones and trying to snap a quick picture, their focus will be on the couple getting married, which is exactly where it should be. They are able to be fully in the moment and they will not be distracted as they try to take and post their photo.

There Will Be Less Distractions

Having an unplugged wedding will reduce the amount of distractions in a number of ways. It will mean there won’t be random “click click” noises, there won’t be any flashes of light from guests cameras, and their huge iPad screens won’t be blocking the view of other guests.

At Pink House Photography and Videography, we highly recommend that you consider having an unplugged ceremony, however, we respect your wishes if you choose not to. As a photographer and videographer myself, I understand how important capturing special moments can be, and I understand wanting your guests to be able to capture their own special memories.

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