How To Get Bridal Photos Done QUICKER

Everyone wants beautiful photos on their wedding day, but most people, especially the bridal party, don’t want to take the time to do photos. Taking pictures on the day of the wedding can be annoying for the bride and groom, bridal party, and guests, depending on how long it takes… but here are four tips to make photos go by quickly and painlessly!

1. Do a first look

I totally get it, it’s not for everyone. Some people are very traditional and want the first time their groom to see them be as they’re walking down the aisle, and I completely respect that! However, if you DO a first look prior to the ceremony you’re able to get some bride and groom photos and potentially bridal party or family photos done BEFORE the ceremony, which saves all that time after the ceremony and gets everyone to the reception quicker. If you’re not interested in doing a first look with your future spouse before the ceremony, consider at least getting your whole bridal party ready before the ceremony and getting some of those shots done.



2. Don’t give your bridal party alcohol

This may be an unpopular one with your bridal party, but not letting everyone get hammered in the middle of pictures will be beneficial for EVERYONE involved. They can drink all they want after photos, but it is incredibly important that everyone is coherent during pictures so that they get done in a timely fashion. When bridal party photos take forever, more often than not it’s because one of the groomsmen keeps leaving to shotgun a beer or something which makes everything take longer!

3. Listen to your photographer

This is their job! They know what to do! If everyone is talking over the photographer and they’re constantly having to yell, snap their fingers, or try to get the attention of the couple, bridal party, or family, it’ll take forever. If everyone listens to the professionals it will go much more smoothly.

4. Have a list

I’m always shocked at how many brides don’t know this one! Make a list of all of the groupings that you need for family photos ahead of time and have one of your bridesmaids call them out. Make sure all of the family is together in one location and roll through the list in order to knock out all the pictures at once.

Example: bride and groom / bride, groom, bride’s mom, bride’s dad / bride, groom, bride’s mom, bride’s dad, bride’s siblings

And so on and so forth. Do this for grandparents, cousins, bride’s family, groom’s family, everyone together…everyone you want photos of! It makes the day go so much smoother than everyone searching around to make sure that all the cousins are really in the picture. It also saves the awkward moment as everyone is leaving and the bride suddenly remembers she didn’t get any individual photos of her and her grandmother. Have a list to make sure everyone is organized and that you don’t forget ANYONE.

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